2014 Georgia Cyclocross Schedule

Georgia CyclocrossThe 2014 Georgia Cyclocross schedule is up! #crossiscoming

THE 2014 CALENDAR IS HERE! We will add flyers when they become available. NOTE: The order of races has changed since last year. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

9/27/2014 Elks Aidmore I | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

9/28/2014 Elks Aidmore II | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

10/5/2014 Boundary Waters Park | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

10/12/2014 Jim Miller Park | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

10/19/2014 Macon Octoberfest | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

10/26/2014 Grant Park, State Championship Race | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

11/1/2014 Savanah I | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

11/2/2014 Savanah II | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

11/9/2014 Columbia County | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

11/23/2014 Serenbe | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

11/30/2014 Thanksgiving Break

12/6/2014 Baldwin, Dingo Cross I | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

12/7/2014 Baldwin, Dingo Cross II | FLYER | DIRECTIONS

Order of Races (THIS IS NEW FOR 2014)

Category Start Time Duration Entry Prizes/Places
Masters 35+ (4,5), Single Speed 10:00 AM 30 min. $25
Elite Masters 35+/45+ (1,2,3) 10:45 AM 45 min. $25
Women 4, Men 5 Junior 15-18/10-14 11:45 AM 30 min. $25
Kids race 12:30 AM short laps FREE
Elite Women (1,2,3), Men 4 1:00 PM 45 min. $30/$25
Men Pro/1/2, Men 3 2:00 PM 60 min. $30/$25

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Rootin’ Tuten Alleycat – Gallery

Damn Rootin’ Tuten!


The Rootin’ Tuten Alleycat presented by The Spindle and Atlanta Beltline Bikes was fun as shit. I didn’t get to race, I’ve been hacking up phlegm out of my lungs all week and figured I still needed the rest, so I hung up my helmet and cycling shoes and picked up my camera (which has been collecting dust in the corner since i’m the world’s worst blogger) and went to town taking photos of the race.

Forward Set Kit Pre-Order


My homie Kirk is doing big things out in LA. Forward Set is rad, if you didn’t know, now you know. Support radness and get a Forward Set kit!

2014 Forward Set Cycling Kit Pre-Order

We are proud to announce that our long awaited cycling kit pre-order is launching this Friday, April 18th and ending Friday, March 2nd. The pre-order includes our jersey, bibshorts, and arm warmers quality produced by Champion System.

Jersey special features: The 2014 Forward Set jersey will include reflective piping on the side of the pockets for increased visibility at night.
Arm Warmer special features: The NGUNGI Arm Warmers have the motivational quote “Never Give Up” on the left wrist, and “Never Give In” on the right wrist that is readable while riding.

Go check it out here: Forward Set Shop

Race Report: Macon Cycling Classic Criterium – CAT 4

I haven’t been blogging… I know. I’ve been busy riding and racing my bike.

So, I wrote a thing about it. Here it is.



But, before we get into all that…

So, I hadn’t planned on jumping into criterium racing so early in my “cycling career”… I’ve heard and seen lots of dramatic events unfold during the crit races I’ve spectated that usually result in the gnashing and grinding and scraping and slashing of carbon fiber, titanium and fine italian leathers across asphalt and into curbs and buildings. Something that I wasn’t really looking to get involved in.

Macon Crit

Then I went and did it anyway… and survived. Here’s my story.

My original schedule had me down for racing the 19th at Fouche Gap but after realizing that race had been postponed, I immediately went searching for a race around that date and I found the Macon Cycling Classic, otherwise known as #MaconCrit. I thought about it for approximately .02 seconds and said FUGGIT, LET’S DO IT! Changed up my calendar and that was all she wrote.

Mae (my lovely number one fan and best number pinning princess around) and I loaded up the tank Saturday morning and my nerves were really starting to get to me. My first race wearing the RS TECH p/b Grindstone colors. My first criterium race. My first race in Cat 4. The pressure was building and race time was inching closer and closer. We showed up, parked and went to register and familiarize ourselves with the area, the race course and usually the most important factor… the porta-potties. We headed back over to where we were parked, pumped up the tires, kitted up into the beautiful white and blue RS TECH team kit and rode out to warm-up and try and get some recon laps in between races.

I got a few laps in, got a pretty good idea of the bumps, the fast lines through the corners and the general idea of what I’d be working with. I spent the rest of the time doing laps around the city, as I’d forgotten the proper skewer for my trainer at home. Oh, well. One of these days I’ll show up to a race with everything I need.

11:55 AM. Race time. We all rolled up to the line. Oh, man. My nerves were fried. My heart rate was racing. I was just ready to get this thing over with, get it under my belt and move on to the next one. I was on the front line with 45 or so guys to my left, my right and behind me. Great. Here I was, right in the middle of the action before the starting bell had even rung. I took a couple of deep breaths, told myself that carbon was replaceable, skin heals and experiences like this only come once in a life-time. I zoned out (or got in the zone, I don’t know, something happened) and I was ready for the bell.

The bell rang and the race was under way. I was ready for my 30 minutes of fame… or is it pain? I found myself right at the front of the group, always trying to stay in the top 10 or 15 so riders but never pulling and trying to spend my energy wisely. INSIDE! INSIDE! INSIDE! I would yell when taking the apex for myself. HOLD YOUR LINE! when guys started looking panicky, looking back to make sure we wouldn’t get attacked, pacing behind the guys in front of me, searching for guys who looked fast to get on their wheel. The race clock kept ticking on and I was staying up front, I avoided one of the crashes I heard in the back and fully expecting more crashes, I made sure to keep my nose clean and up towards the front.

The laps kept clicking away and on the second to last lap, coming through turn 3, right behind me I heard that sound, yeah… THAT sound. The sounds of bodies colliding, carbon cracking, tires puncturing, extreme expletives and more. I didn’t even look back. I hunkered down on the bars, starting putting out the watts and yelled GO! GO! GO! to the guys around me. This was our chance to explode forward and drop anyone who was looking backwards or had gotten caught up the crash. I think we had about pretty good size group of guys get out of the saddle and start to take our final lap and that’s when my brain stopped working.

Somehow, between the confusion of the crash, the excitement in my head, and the fatigue in my legs, I totally beefed it and thought we had one more time across the line. I was holding a solid position behind two riders wheels coming through turn 4 when I felt the whooooooosh of air on either side of me as a couple of guys, who more than likely realized this was the last lap, came rushing by me. I hopped out of the saddle, to hold their wheel in line, for the next lap that wasn’t going to come. I looked up as I was hopping on their wheels only to notice we were coming to the line… for the finish. DOH! That’s my one rookie mistake that I’m going to allow this season. That’s it. No more mistakes. I’m on it now.

I ended up finishing P5 and didn’t even get to sprint to the line! Initially, I was full of disappointment for making such a rookie mistake but the more I started to think on it, after the adrenaline had stopped pumping, I was walking away from my first criterium with all my skin and all my bike parts with a top 5 finish and now all that I can think about is… WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE?

April 26th… Athens Twilight. I’m coming for you!